To the Altars Of Romagna


This is the ideal route for a day of active recuperation: 61 km long, with almost no change in level. From Rimini, you head towards Covignano, reaching S. Ermete after just 15 km, on a slightly uphill road (the only climb in this itinerary).
From here, you head downhill towards Santarcangelo, where the “platter” begins: 41 km of totally flat going until S. Angelo di Gatteo, Cesenatico, Gatteo Mare, Bellaria, Torre Pedrera and Viserba.
At Cesenatico, you should make sure you visit the “Spazio Pantani”: a multimedia museum near the railway station which takes you through the career of the famous “Pirate”. Then you can enjoy one of Romagna’s most famous specialities: the “piadina” sandwich. It is no accident that this itinerary is also known as “Pantani and the Romagna piadina”.

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