Circuit of the Becchi

Rimini > Santarcangelo > Verucchio > San Marino > Rimini

The first part of this itinerary is along the flat as far as Ponte Verrucchio (km 35), passing through Covigano, S. Ermete and Santarcangelo.

The road then starts to climb for the 4 km to Verrucchio and then rises steeply to Mount Ventoso. The first 500 metres here are killing, with a gradient of 18%, but eke out your energy because you have to climb for over 10 km.

Once you’re over the brow, the cycling will be easier on the way back to Rimini via Faetano, Ospedaletto and S. Salvatore. This route of average difficulty covers 87 km with a total change of level of 1100 metres. In view of the gradients on Mount Ventoso, we recommend a 39×25 set-up.

Schwierigkeiten: Medium

Entfernung: 87 km

Höhe: 1100 mt