Mini Nine Hills

Bellaria > Sogliano > Mercato Saraceno > Perticara > San Leo > San Marino > Bellaria

A 135-km route with a 2600-m change in level. Do not attempt this ride if you are not well-trained, and take the necessary supplies, especially food.

Leave from Bellaria and head towards San Mauro and Savignano. After a 9-km warm-up, the first climb of the day begins, with 15 km through Borghi, Sogliano and then Strigara. It’s a long, gentle climb, with 3-4% gradients, and just the prelude to later ascents. You ride down to Mercato Saraceno, and here, after 45 km, you begin the tough 5.5-km ascent of Mount Barbotto. The average gradient here is 6.9%, with a 372-metre change in level. The first 4 km are in steep sections, with gradients from 6% to 10%. The last kilometre is known as the “spauracchio” (bogeyman): 400 metres at 14% with 5 bends, and then the final wall that’s 18% in places.

After cresting the brow, you descend for 10 km towards Novafeltria. You then start climbing to Madonna di Pugliano, passing through Maiolo. The first 4 km are the hardest, with average gradients of 10%, peaking at 15%. The road then flattens out for 1 km, giving you time to recover a bit, and you reach the top in another 4 km at 5%. You continue towards San Marino via San Leo, and then climb up to Montemaggio, the last ascent of the day.

You pass through Chiesanuova, and from Acquaviva you descend the famous Mount Ventoso. We recommend prudence during this descent. The last 20 km will be a relief for your legs, very tired after long distances and tough ascents.
Make sure you take in food and water constantly. We advise a 39×26 set-up.

Schwierigkeiten: Hard

Entfernung: 105 km

Höhe: 1850 mt