The Grillo Pass

Rimini > Santarcangelo > Ponte Uso > Passo del Grillo > Rimini

You leave from Rimini, and are immediately on country roads, passing the hill of S. Ermete. After about 12 km, you follow a flat stretch to Santarcangelo (home village of Tonino Guerra), then cut towards Poggio Berni and Camerano before continuing towards Stradone. This leads to the heart of Valmarecchia, and to Ponte Uso, and is one of the most popular cycling routes in Romagna.

You then climb for a rather strenuous 6 km (with an average 7% incline, but up to 13-15% in places), until reaching the Grillo Pass. This stands at a height of 400 m and links the two valleys parallel to the River Marecchia.

You then descend to Ponte Verucchio, at about the 58-km mark, and follow signs to Verucchio. The road then goes slightly uphill, but makes for easy pedalling.
From Verucchio, it’s only 30 km to the end of this itinerary, passing through S. Marino and S. Ermete on pretty roads in the Covignano countryside.

This is a route of average difficulty, covering 90 km with an 800 m change in level. You’ll need a 39×23 set-up to complete it without any problems.

Schwierigkeiten: Medium

Entfernung: 90 km

Höhe: 800 mt