Circuit for Climbers

Torre Pedrera > Santarcangelo > Perticara > Verucchio > Torre Pedrera

It’s your turn now, climbers: a 114-km route with a 1550-m change in level, starting and finishing at Torre Pedrera.

You’re on the flat till Santarcangelo, and then climb gradually for 8 km, through Ciola and as far as Sogliano. Proceed downhill towards Ponte Uso, where the longest and hardest climb begins, a stretch of about 20 km through Monte Tiffi and Perticara. The first 2 km are very strenuous, with maximum inclines of 15%; if you’re not in top form, you should use a 39×26 set-up, to preserve your legs till the descent at 56 km.

The ascent to Perticara is regular, but long, ideal for practising repetitions. The smooth descent will take you quickly towards Ponte Verrucchio, from where the road goes uphill again for 3 km to Verrucchio, but if you’re dedicated climbers, you’ll take it in your stride. You continue towards San Martino, where you can breathe a sigh of relief: conditions are all in your favour till you get back to Torre Pedrera.

Difficulties: Very hard

Distance: 114 km

Altitude: 1550 mt