San Leo (Cagliostro visit)

Rimini > Montegiardino > San Leo > Villagrande > Mercatino Conca > Rimini

In the beginning he was Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Vincenzo Pietro Antonio Matteo Balsamo, known by the name of Alexander, then simply as the Count of Cagliostro. Why is this so important you ask … Well, he was the prisoner of the San Leo Fortress built during the 15th century and commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro.
This itinerary, which covers a distance of 105 km with an altitude difference of 1,850 metres, will take you to discover mysteries of magic and alchemy from the Middle Ages, while tackling a rather challenging route, due to the long 15 km ascent that leads to the fortress.

The itinerary sets off from Rimini, where we follow the signs to San Salvatore and Ospedaletto, along 13 km on flat ground, perfect for warming up before the 6 km climb in Montegiardino and then Fiorentino, with some stretches offering 15% gradients.

Back down passing Castello Fiorentino and Castello di Montemaggio, and then uphill again. There are now 15 kilometres to cover. This level of difficulty is ideal for pyramid training at a medium pace within and outside the cyclist’s performance threshold. For less-trained bikers, a 39×25 should suffice. The downhill will begin in Sella San Marco, until reaching Osteria Nuova, with a total distance on 90 km covered.

We continue towards Coriano, completing the final return on flat roads.


ità di Monte Cerignone, Mercatino Conca, Osteria Nuova, prima di imboccare gli ultimi due km di salita per Croce e proseguire per Coriano e i restanti 10km pianeggianti verso Rimini.

Difficulties: High

Distance: 105 km

Altitude: 1850 mt