Breakfast is one of the most
important moments of the day:
especially when you are on holiday,
getting your day off to a good start is essential!
This is why we put a lot of care into preparing breakfast’s buffet:
we enjoy spoiling our guests with treats
that take care of their health and delight their palates.


Our dishes follow the genuine and authentic
recipes of our regional cuisine.
The best of Romagna’s traditions:
meat from our land and fish from our sea.
But we are also a hotel for those who enjoy sports
and we serve delicious light cuisine dishes,
perfect for the bikers that stop with us along their way.
The skill and creativity of our chef and the presentation
of the dishes makes everything
more enjoyable as well as appealing to the eye!
Every day, our meat, fish,
vegetable and salad dishes are served in an enchanting,
comfortable room overlooking the sea.
You will always find a buffet of vegetables and desserts served strictly by our waiters while the first and second courses will be served directly at the table.

A holiday at the Life hotel is an energy
booster and at our restaurant we make sure to meet everyone’s needs.
You will find products from both land and sea, specialities
of the Romagna region, which has a rich and delicious tradition!
All in our “natural style”: the dining room overlooking the horizon,
the sea and the attention to detail we put into everything we do.
For example, you can enjoy the sea while sitting at the table:
the layout, the tableware design
and the carefully selected details,
nothing is left to chance.
Pets are not allowed in the restaurant.

A good day starts with a smile…

… and continues with taste, variety, and dishes prepared for you with the utmost care for detail!