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Let yourself be seduced by this wonderful territory

We love the Earth, the place we inhabit. And we believe that love must be demonstrated, daily, through small and big gestures.
For this reason, we have implemented projects that, one step at a time, help us to make the Life an increasingly sustainable reality and attentive to environmental issues.

We would like to tell you about a beautiful initiative we have joined this year: it is called Milleorti per la Città, and it is a solidarity project promoted by the Cooperativa Sociale Millepiedi. By adopting a vegetable garden, we help train people with disabilities, who have the opportunity to try their hand at caring for the land. Thus, in the tasty and genuine dishes that you will try at the Hotel, you will also have the opportunity to taste the fresh and organic products grown in the garden, which are delivered periodically.

Among the good practices that make the Hotel Life an environment with a careful look at nature, we have thought of a super green gift for all guests: upon your arrival, you will receive an aluminium bottle that can be filled directly at the filtered water dispenser of the Bar or restaurant, thus reducing the consumption of single-use plastic.

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let yourself be seduced by this wonderful territory


Not only sea! A city of great attractions, Rimini offers so much in terms of fun, culture, art, leisure and business events. for you, we want to be like those friends you turn to for advice, before leav-ing for the holidays: precious ideas to experience the territory as a real local and try experiences intimately connected to nature

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