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Bike services

Nothing is left to chance

There are many cares that we reserve to our cycling friends. How do we welcome those who nourish this wonderful passion? 

  • To get started... a maxi breakfast! Before an outing, cyclists need a super sprint morning charge: the right fuel for their tours in our hidden Rimini. And we really like to pamper them and spoil them, making breakfast a delicious moment: for them, our buffet is enriched with additional sweet and savoury foods, to meet all possible nutritional needs. Yes, because the happiness of the cyclist is also ours, at the table as on the bike;
  • Cycling is tiring, and we know it well. This is why we give our biker friends free use of the Maisha SPA!
  • The code word? Training! Keep your legs toned in our professional gym with Technogym equipment... free of charge;
  • Laundry service when you get back from your trips;
  • We know that all cyclists have a special relationship with their bicycle. Don't worry, it's safe in our storage!
  • Maintenance is important: here you will find a space with a workbench to carry out all repairs;
  • If you don't have a bike, we will find one for you: bike rental options;
  • Bikes for everyone: maps with itineraries divided by difficulty and length;
  • The right people make the difference: optional guided tours with experts;
  • Finally... maxi meal plan! When they come back from their outings, our bikers are hungry! Here at the Hotel Life, we tame cyclists’ appetites with even richer, even more varied, even tastier buffets! The super half-board is just that: to demonstrate attention and special care to those who come to us for the pleasure of exploring the territory on two wheels. If it’s your passion, it is ours too!  
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Not only sea! A city of great attractions, Rimini offers so much in terms of fun, culture, art, leisure and business events. for you, we want to be like those friends you turn to for advice, before leav-ing for the holidays: precious ideas to experience the territory as a real local and try experiences intimately connected to nature

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