We recommend different routes

Suitable for all legs!

Different length and difficulty, we can tell you how beautiful you can find in the paths of our territory. Rimini and its hinterland are territories to be discovered, treasures of art and natural beauty, perfect to visit on your bike.

The city offers a wide variety of routes thanks to its network of cycle paths, easily accessible by all.


For those who ride a bike for the sake of going, without great ambitions and for those who know how to enjoy their coffee break to the fullest.

Length: 60 – 80 km, even with climbs
Average speed at the end of the trip: 20-24 km/h


Long Tour

For those who love long outings without too much competition on altitudes of medium difficulty.

Length: 90 – 130 km
Average speed at the end of the trip: 24-28 km/h



For those who compete, more challenging and long routes at medium high and facing numerous climbs.

Length: 100 – 160 (or more) km
Average speed at the end of the trip: 25-32 km/h


Green ring:

(city bike path) This easy path without slopes combines the natural beauty of city parks and the Cava Lake, with history, skirting along the Roman amphitheatre and reaching the Arch of Augustus.


Rimini-Riccione Promenade:

(city bike path): This 7.5 km long path starts from the Canale port and ends in the city of Riccione. This bike and pedestrian path is part of a broadest Rimini promenade redevelopment project for a sustainable city.

The sea view is really impressive: stop mid-way to snap a picture and a bite to eat in one of the many kiosks on the Promenade: a tasty piadina is just what you need to recharge your batteries for the remaining ride ahead.


Marecchia River Bike Path:

This dirt road trail can be easily done also by less experienced bikers; however, we recommend using a mountain bike. It starts from the XXV Aprile Park and ends on Ponte Verucchio. A lush landscape will open up before you, inhabited by local fauna.

Along the trail, you’ll see the Verucchio golf course, the skeet shooting range and the model aircraft airport.


Rimini – Novafeltria:

Continuing along the Marecchia Bike Path, through the Madonna di Saiano Sanctuary and Pietracuta – where you can admire the ruins of the San Domenico Monastery and the same-name Fortress – you’ll reach Novafeltria.

Enjoy a rejuvenating break and visit this charming town: you’ll find many typical taverns, perfect for lunch.


Rimini – Verucchio:

A fantastic adventure amidst nature, ending in one of the loveliest towns on the Romagna hinterland. Verucchio – also known as the “cradle of the Malatesta”, offers a suggestive landscape, where your eyes can wander from the Valmarecchia to the entire Rimini coast.

And after a short slope to reach the historical centre, it’s time to taste the culinary excellence of this land.

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Not only sea! A city of great attractions, Rimini offers so much in terms of fun, culture, art, leisure and business events. for you, we want to be like those friends you turn to for advice, before leav-ing for the holidays: precious ideas to experience the territory as a real local and try experiences intimately connected to nature

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